Wednesday, 1 February 2012

birds and seeds.

Yesterdays glimpse of the moon between the clouds

Mistle thrush 

House sparrow  found a crust

this is a quick post for  Mary , I find the birds do not eat the coconut unless I put sun flower seeds in the half shell.
 once the sunflower seeds are gone they tend to pick at the coconut

Sylvester  looking as if to say "think them birds can see me behind the dried grass"

two male chaffinch the one with the feathers on the legs is here all the time and nests in the back garden

Saphy enjoying a bit of morning sun  watching the birds on the feeders.
 and me I have to go get some more  fat balls for them.
" dont I have a hard life"

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  1. Beautiful bird shots Tony! Love your cat too.