Saturday, 31 December 2011

december 2003 Santa run , happy new year 2012

Nad oedd y redeg santa yn rhedeg hyd yn oed am 10 mlynedd cyn iddo gael ei ddwyn oddi wrth y Gymraeg, pam y mae'nrhaid yn Llundain,
The santa run did not even run for 10 years before it was stolen from the welsh, why does it have to be in London
no santa run in Newtown this year 2011 last year they ran for help for heroes but the santa run originally started for local charities
This was originally conceived and performed in 2001 local charity "Dial A Ride" who charge £10 for registration (which closes the week before) and each participant must raise £20 in sponsorship: it was all for a good cause. 

When & Where The Santarun Wales usually takes place in the town of Newtown in Wales around the last week of November or the first week in December.
What to Expect About 5000 people jogging 7.2kms in Santa suits. Each year the santas try to set a new record and better the previous years attempt- but don't think this isn't a legitimate long distance run as some participants have ran done the Santa run Wales course in less then 19 minutes.

was not this  that caused the fight 

2003  a fight broke out between some of the santa's who had a few to many Christmas cheers,
And seeing we missed the santa run 2011, there is always HOGMANAY

 Festival in Scotland
Hogmanay Festival in ScotlandHogmanay Festival : The silence of night suddenly broken by the whisper of flames. Hogmonay Festival in Edinburgh: 100,000 people singing Auld Lang Syne at the same time.

It's only pure debauchery as a city empties all it's watering holes. The world’s biggest street party rivalled only by the Carnival in Rio. Dance, drink and wear a kilt!
Hogmanay Festival - When & Where 31st December every year. In Scotland, the best place is Edinburgh.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Ffestiniog Railway, you can read up on the trains etc on this link   the train today was the green one.  Iarll  Meirionedd  the red train also called  by the same name  was also pulling as the track was slippery.

shots taken as the train passes Llyn Mair,
the shot taken of the   river Glaslyn from Tan-Y-Bwlch station.

Tanygrisiau. The Moelwyns protect the village from much of the wind from northerly gales in the winter and give the village a pleasant southerly aspect with relatively mild weather considering its location high in Snowdonia. However rainfall in the upper end of the Ffestiniog valley can be very high all year around
The birds are Widgeon( Anas penelope)  duck,  a Curlew(Numenius arquata)  Oystercatcher ( Haematopus ostralegus),  Redshank(Tringa totanus).



Blaenau Ffestiniog

 Cob toll house at Penrhyn
 Asbestos roofs always grow
 and over the ariva rail line and Penrhyn holt.
 road works ahead  and the traffic is at a halt for the train to cross the main Ffestiniog  to Penrhyndeudraeth  rd

The return journey on the 30th November,

19th-century industrial sites

The whole area around the northern edge of Blaenau Ffestiniog is an extensive industrial landscape. The two main quarries, which have seen little active production since the mid-20th century, Diffwys and Votty and Bowydd, survive as relict landscapes in their own rights. They preserve a number of features identified in studies grant-aided by Cadw (see above) and those carried out by Plas Tan y Bwlch. Maenofferen Quarry is an unusual survivor in that it has only recently passed out of use (and may be revived) but has never been modernised, and continued to use its uphaulage incline, railway system and traditional slate mill. It is believed that all the equipment survives, though its condition is likely to have deteriorated. Many of the features on this site have been listed and a number scheduled.

The former Oakeley site, now trading as the Ffestiniog Slate Quarry under the management of Alfred McAlpine Slate Products, preserves many features dating to the 1850s and earlier. These are mostly concentrated on the southern part of the site, away from present workings. Llechwedd Quarry has recently demolished a range of nineteenth century structures, though others have been preserved as part of the Quarry Tours complex