Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Look at it this way

each of us looks at beauty in different ways,   me I love the way animals look at us.
  you can tell me who the animals are that I shot today

Having a bad wooly day. these are way up high on the Stiperstones, The Stiperstones, Nr Minsterley, Shropshire, Shropshire Attraction

Harry Tuffins churstoke once was a pleasant place to spend an afternoon with the family, today  its  no more than a shit hole where they are now breeding pigs. the place stinks of pig shit  and one day  a child or someone is going to get a nasty bite from one of the pigs  that are housed in no more than 6x6 mesh pig wireHarry Tuffins - Supermarket, Ludlow, Churchstoke, Craven Arms, Bishops Castle, 
 this shot  of a sign about the pigs  has it wrong  they have escaped into every unoccupied pen;

Please Dad not my photo

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bettws banger racing

 The venue for the Bettws Cedewain annual banger races

 The whole idea of wrecking the caravan was  the first banger inside the caravan was the winner,

 This one lost its wheel

 The hairdressers car turned over but tried to carry on with the race
 And the star of the show was the driver of car 122 he managed to summersault his car twice  take a few cars out  but after several races still managed to finish up i third place over all.

It will not be Wildaboutwales blog without capturing one of our wildlife the Tipula oleracea, or the Crane fly  her its mating on the nettles.at the pit stop entrance.

I wonder what the buzzard thought to all this noise on its patch.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Brighten up the day

A trip to Shrewsbury turned out quite pleasant gave myself plenty of time to do some shooting  I took my cameras with me not knowing how I would feel after the bio tests,  its a good job I did as this first shot os of a Peregrine Falcon some distance away in  a dead oak tree Just outside of the village of Sarn .and as is normal when I get  a rare  bird shot the   sun is behind the subject even though it was a cloudy day,

some may recognise these farm buildings  near the old tree.
A Badger Many dead animals on the road  today  as is normal this time of year on the country lanes
One of  old lead Mine winch towers Priestweston up on the hope valley. near Stiperstones,
 NO 1 and 2  Little Minsterley  these are the only two houses we have bought outside of Wales we refurbished these two house after buying them as a lot in 1984. doesn't look like anything has been done to them since even the arial is the same.
 Some of the traffic islands on the hospital road

I spent 20 minutes in hospital the surgeon I take it thats what he was with the heading Mr.
 asked a few questions about my health where I had pains and what do I think is causing such pains.  no biopsy today as I left home quite early I missed the mail  another date for the tests next Wednesday, it seems they want to take exrays of the functioning parts of my body to see if and maybe why they are not functioning as they have been doing for the past 69 years, goody  hope in all hopes someone has made a booboo about my having cancer. fingers crossed legs crossed and whatever else I can cross.

as I left the hospital  it seemed that God was also in a cross mood  as the heavens opened up and put the kaibosh on any plans I had on visiting the English town of Shrewsbury.  I headed back home along the normal route  the a458 doing a circular trip  Once I got to welshpool the torrential rain eased up so I decided to visit the pond where this time last year I took shots of a few dragons damsels and butterflies. but what I did see is in the next few photos  then the heavens opened up again so gave up on any outside activities and headed home. 

Brugmantia. smelling a bit overpowering in our closed porch
 some say its halusnagenic   or at least causes delirium.
The Datura plant or as most call it the Angel trumpet. this is its second flush this year