Monday, 30 January 2012

siskin, blue tit ,great tit

Blue tit
Male siskin  in the sunflower seed feeder
Bit of a scuffle with the siskin and the Great tit over the seeds
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Great tit 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mid winter,

Female siskin only feeds in the front garden feeder

Robin  on the feeder tray,

Starling  on the feeder branch

Pare of Rooks  on watch  on the street light

Pair of collared doves  on the roof tiles

starlings drinking from the turfing


Mallards in the mud

Female mallard 

rook taking a drink in the river

Pied wagtail  taking a bathe in the river

drake Mallard duck


A bit of sun whoopee

Not many berries about in January apart from the ivy berries 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A walk through the park

Male and female blackbird,

Wood pigeon

Woodpeckers bore hole in a dead tree trunk  most probable had a nest in it .

perfectly circular hole

Saw another Nuthatch today ,

a preening wood pigeon 

honey bees on the mohonia flower

The stone Gorsedd Circle looks as though it has stood in the park near the river forever  it was constructed for the National Eisteddfod (which was held in Newtown in 1965) 

to the centre of the circle of stones the bards plinth, 
 where a carved chair is placed. The eisteddfod is traced In 1176 CE the Lord Rhys, ruler of all Wales called together the Bards from around of the Bards have gathered together to find the one deserving of the Chair
rook in the park,

rooks on the  church lightning conductor,

Fungi on a dead tree stump.

rabbit in the church yard,

we even have mushrooms still growing

jackdaw and the herring gull