Wednesday, 24 October 2012

keeping the kitten warm

This is today with the cancer well set in the wooly attire is to keep the kitten warm/or it could be the morphine taking over .  never mind i have my photos these are from this time last year when I was chasing birds over the countryside Yellow wagtail ( Motacillaflava ) « Wildlife around Wales

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lakeside Motor museum

Photos from the life of a Welshman: Lakeside motor museum

Last years first frost

not a cloud in the sky all day so the moon was visible as soon as it appeared at 16.00. this shot was taken at 17.30

Nid oedd cwmwl yn yr awyr drwy'r dydd, felly y lleuad yn weladwy cyn gynted ag oedd yn ymddangos am 16.00. y llun yma ei gymryd am 17.30
Frozen  Poppy and after. 

 Pabi rhewi ac ar ôl y rhew

frost on the rose bud, Rhew ar y blaguryn rhosyn

we had a light dusting of frost this morning and that will be the end to all the flowers in the garden for 2011. this rose bud will defrost doubt if it will survive. roedd gennym oleuni tynnu llwch o rew y bore yma a fydd yn cael y diwedd i holl flodau yn yr ardd ar gyfer 2011. bydd hyn yn blaguryn cododd amheuaeth dadrewi os bydd yn goroesi.      ag arol y rhew
the day after the frost the sose bud seems tob none the worse.
y diwrnod ar ôl y rhew y blagur sose ymddangos na fydd unrhyw un tob y gwaeth.
in the frost  and after,, yn y rhew ac ar ôl ,

Marigold  in a light frost 


The ice cap Nasturtium

last night we had a heavy frost that has put a stop to the flowers in my garden
the Nasturtium these are a good food plant the leaves and flowers can be eaten taste a bit like mustard they give a nice flavour to a salad. they are also a great plant to add colour to the garden as they come in several verieties some have variegated leaves. the poorer soil gives a better display of flowers(not so many leaves) seed heads can be collected and sown in the spring some will self seed as long as they do  not rot.
noson olaf cawsom barrug trwm sydd wedi rhoi terfyn ar y blodau yn fy ngardd
y Nasturtium mae'r rhain yn planhigyn bwyd da y gall y dail a blodau eu bwyta blasu ychydig fel mwstard maent yn rhoi blas 'n glws at salad. maent hefyd yn blanhigyn ardderchog i ychwanegu lliw i'r ardd wrth iddynt ddod i mewn sawl mathau rhai wedi gadael variegated. y pridd tlotach yn rhoi gwell arddangosfa o flodau (dim dail cymaint o) y gall pennau hadau gael ei gasglu a'i hau yn y gwanwyn bydd rhai hadau eu hunain ar yr amod nad ydynt yn pydru.

Rose of Sharon seed heads . in the frost and the day after it  thawed out

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Autumn colours

Even though we have had a real weird summer our  Atumn is spectacular 21st of October and my garden still has flower.
 view from the front of the house
View from our upstairs 3rd floor bathroom room.
The Welsh poppy
This large poppy has been off and on in bloom since April
yellow berried rowan in its autumn colours

always makes my day when i see a flock of birds these are canada geese heading for fachwen pool aberhafesp.
the new bird restaurant is now open

Thursday, 18 October 2012

costcutter, con merchants

we are all being scammed and we do not have to buy smoked salmon/ clip taken from the mail online..
Customers are being short-changed on the amount of smoked salmon sold in packets at supermarkets | Mail Online 
 save cooking I stopped at the costcutter  its the nearest supermarket to my home and its a Garage so they sell quite a few snacks for the travelling motorist so I bought a pack of chicken salad

£2.75  30% off as they must be getting sell by time  you know when the green salad is turning brown but these are hand made and hand packed and one needs a hammer and chisel or at least a good pair of garden scissors if one wants to inspect the contents before  purchase . on first look of the sandwich they seemed to have a good supply of chicken!
 a soon as i got home not thinking as one does not when hunger sets in, i put some tomato sauce on the sandwich then i noticed what the crafty deli classic hand made sandwich con merchants make it look like i was getting a real good deal, all the contents of the sandwich is placed in such a way in the centre of a piece of bread the second piece on top does not even get a dab of margarine  so the finished cut sandwich the one the customer sees through the plastic window and is the only view of the sandwich before purchase what a rip off

Cadbury cuts the size of Dairy Milk chocolate bar (but keeps the price exactly the same!)

  • The classic bar has been shrunk from 49g to 45g as part of the re-launch as a new ‘curved’ shape 
  • However the price remains the same at 59p
  • The company says the change is designed to reflect rising transport and commodity costs

Monday, 15 October 2012

The A 470

A470 road - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia  The road runs through the heart of Wales 186 miles I am doing the journey from Llanrwst to Blaunau Ffestiniog some 30 miles, Along the route there are three  bridges that cross the Conwy river
 Y bont fawr,(big bridge)
Llanrwst bridge,,built in 1636 by Inigo Jones

 Waterloo Bridge is an early cast iron bridge, spanning the River Conwy at Betws-y-Coed, in Conwy county borough, north-west Wales.
The bridge is located about half a mile south-east of the village. It was built by the civil engineer Thomas Telford. An inscription on the arch records that it was constructed in the year of the Battle of Waterloo: but although designed and constructed in 1815 its erection was not completed that year. It was raised as part of building the road from London to Holyhead (now the A5). The bridge is made wholly from cast iron (apart from the stone bastions) and was only the seventh such bridge to be built.

Just before we join the A5 at Betws-y-coed there is this waterfall on the side of the road.
This to me being a stone mason is one of the most fascinating bridges I have seen ,from what i could see the bridge is almost 1/4 mile long and carries the Railway line from Llandudno junction to Blaunau Ffestiniog the bridge is construted rom local granite stone

Owen Gethin Jones born, Penmachno. Carpenter, builder, contractor.

this is all thats left of the pont-y-pant tennis court changing rooms.