Saturday, 24 March 2012

Red White and blue

A carpet of Buxbaum's Speedwell flowers."]
wild dog violets,"]

[The open tulip showing its stamen"]

Grape hyacinth,"]Flower of the blackthorn."]Seed head of the dandelion."]"Daisy"]"White forget me not"]Oak trees behind our home."]Sunset 24.3.2012."]"The hollow sycamore tree."]My house in the sunset."]A young chaffer beetle"]next doors magnolia most of the tree is in our drive."]"the stamen of the magnolia blossom."]The german wasp,"]

1 comment:

  1. I love your pretty flowers. It was too warm here last week. The animals and plants are all confused. It was such a weird winter. Too warm for this time of year but cooler weather coming this week. Hope the frost tonight doesn't kill the new budding leaves. Happy Spring to you!