Thursday, 18 October 2012

costcutter, con merchants

we are all being scammed and we do not have to buy smoked salmon/ clip taken from the mail online..
Customers are being short-changed on the amount of smoked salmon sold in packets at supermarkets | Mail Online 
 save cooking I stopped at the costcutter  its the nearest supermarket to my home and its a Garage so they sell quite a few snacks for the travelling motorist so I bought a pack of chicken salad

£2.75  30% off as they must be getting sell by time  you know when the green salad is turning brown but these are hand made and hand packed and one needs a hammer and chisel or at least a good pair of garden scissors if one wants to inspect the contents before  purchase . on first look of the sandwich they seemed to have a good supply of chicken!
 a soon as i got home not thinking as one does not when hunger sets in, i put some tomato sauce on the sandwich then i noticed what the crafty deli classic hand made sandwich con merchants make it look like i was getting a real good deal, all the contents of the sandwich is placed in such a way in the centre of a piece of bread the second piece on top does not even get a dab of margarine  so the finished cut sandwich the one the customer sees through the plastic window and is the only view of the sandwich before purchase what a rip off

Cadbury cuts the size of Dairy Milk chocolate bar (but keeps the price exactly the same!)

  • The classic bar has been shrunk from 49g to 45g as part of the re-launch as a new ‘curved’ shape 
  • However the price remains the same at 59p
  • The company says the change is designed to reflect rising transport and commodity costs

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