Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Accident in a wheel chair

My first day out in a wheel chair what a pallava  the wheel chair is one we bought to get Mum and  DAD and  about   so seeing it was here in he house doing nothing Pam decided it was such a nice one off day she would take me down to the river .paving around here is not made for solid wheel pushchairs especially the one we have . it got stuck in every rutt at one point causing the contraption to upend throwing me out of the chair was not to bad as I landed on the soft grassed area ,Never mind it was quite pleasant and the first time for me to get out apart from going to hospital ,not been up to much on the blog now I feel a bit better I can catch up on 2012 photos plus the birds that are coming to the feeder outside my front wind,  only problem is I can see the birds but there is too much sunlight for the camera to pick up what I see, like Bob has a job getting a good shot of the Bullfinch

The fly refused to leave the table . Air ambulance wonder if it heard about the accident with the wheelchair.
 Male chaffinch below the female  a few of the breeds coming to the restaurant.

 Great tit
 Male blue tit

 Male blackbird waits for the seeds  after the finches and the birds that go to the feeder
 Longtailed tit
 Robin I can tell what time it is she feeds the same time each day .

 the bullfinches

 Male  siskins

 Coal tit
 Male chaffinch
 Robin afternoon feed
 Coal tit
 Nu sparriwthatch

 Male chaffinch
 gold finch male with blue tit, sparrow ,female green finch

 Starling and male chaffinch

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