Sunday, 29 July 2012


28th July 2012  was a sad day in my middle sons house. >>the dog got run over>> The youngest boy was so upset  because he never got to say goodbye (properly) . then the daughter  phoned she insisted they have a proper burial. . but would not be home for two days. so the corpse was kept in the freezer save the smell of a rotting  corpse in the house, why they could not put the poor thing in a plastic sealed bag in the shed . but ours is not to" reason why" Then My son came over today  as he takes us in the car shopping on a sunday. not a word was said   not even from his girlfriend  mother of the two children. so the suspense was killing me  OK I said when is the funeral. tomorrow!  we worked all evening preparing the dog . what do you mean "I asked'  well we have super glued him together so he looks better  for the burial tomorrow . now my mind was really boggled. did you unfreeze it first,  never mind I said. as long as it still looks like a dog. I suppose the kids will be grateful to give it a send off .  no  that is not the reason we super glued it. we did not want our daughter to have that memory of a mangled body for the rest of her life.

Last nights moon.   and the burial saga continues,
 I am putting in a new kitchen and I needed a few pieces like worktop clamps etc   so my son promised he would be here by 9.30 so I could get on with my days work. he turns up at 11.00 my day is already F***** up,   by mid day my back plays up the diabetes does not help,   its now 14.10 and I have managed to get the tiles and the latest update on the dog. while getting the clamps for the worktop my son said he wanted a bag of lime, I knew I did not need lime so the first thought was the dog.  ,  but one never knows with my lot could have been he was doing some brick or stonework on his house  and need the lime for the mortar mix. So Mike busy on the house are you, I asked"  no its for the burial,    ok good idea i thought. but why?  well the kids will want to take the dog with them if we ever move,   hmm,   did not have the heart to tell him in two years time there will be nothing left of the dog not even the bones.  not like my kids are youngsters my eldest is 49 and youngest is 40,  surely they know lime is not a preserver. almost told him to get a plastic container and pickle the dog if he wants to move it about   but then I would most like been told  that would  undo the superglue,   say no more I thought, ,but it did make me laugh

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  1. Aah so sorry about the dog - never heard of an animal being superglued together - couldnt have been a nice task!!!