Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Red kites at Gigrin farm Rhayader

Red kites Gigrin Rhayader.

The the kestrels I took photos of when I lived in Egypt 2003-2011
Gigrin  farm and the red kites are 28 miles from Newtown,  and at last after being home for one year I finally managed to get there.
Quite a few waiting in the oak trees for dinner to be served,

Feeding time at 15.00 over 200 kites being fed plus a few crows .

The rooks just stood on the ground during feed time when most of the food had gone they cleaned the remaining up.

14.50 nothing about but the kites where in the oak tree and a few high up circling the area,

Then a peacock flew in followed by 2 peahens. there are three peahens and one cock +two chicks on the farm.
one hen with two chicks on the farm garden fence

Then he decided to put on a good show  before the kite main show of the day for all of us bird watchers in the feeding area hides. a few twirls before he heads off to join the ladies before food arrives.

The two hens inspecting the beef making sure it was fit for kite consumption.
then in they came like jets swooping in and grabbing chucks of meat with their talons,

Is there such a thing as a white Red Kite.

This one is not tagged,

another white one with a tag,

two in one frame,


  1. Can't wait to visit this place - it's been on the to do list for a long time!