Monday, 17 December 2012

looking out

looking out

Spiders,cobwebs,frost,border collieHarlequin ducks.Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) - WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre

 these were taken  around wales since I was diagnosed with cancer over the past few weeks I have been  housebound only shots I can get now is from my front room of the  bird restaurant  and from my first floor bedroom.

Over the next few days I will be putting the wetland birds

 I get tired very easy and on hour on the computer is enough at a time,Dr Mc Vey came over today  told Pam how well I was copping  she is the one who is coping well not forgetting she still looks after her Dad as well,Dad was a ww2 Lancaster bomber  wireless operator did over 30 missions before being shot down they managed to get back to the airfield before crash landing  He was the only survivor and the last part of the war he spent in hospital with spinal injuries Dad is the one kneeling  left  ,

O"K whats happening this shot was 16 Sept2012 taken at the                                          

next time we get some frost i am going to get my thermal underwear on anne get out take some shots Pam took the first shot of the spider 's web taken over the pot plant holder

 `this shot was taken from the first landing
this shot makes me feel cold as I look out of the front room window out to the bird feeders  last years shots of the frost     Photos from the life of a Welshman      2011 frost

Dear Andrew  Kath and Vince and Sam really enjoyed your visit  ,the name we  wanted was Skomer Island  such a long way to come at least the driving was split and Andrew only  had the last two hours on his tod. the yatch plan photos  did not turn out too good so here is a link to your site

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  1. Hi ...So glad your visit went well and dear Pam God bless her for her diligence to take care of you and her Dad!!
    Love those spider webs ...but not spiders : ) I think I told you that once before haha!!
    Your last years frost photos are great , especially with the frost and after frost look!!