Wednesday, 12 December 2012


This is and will most likely be e my last post Pam is taking my photos me and my cats look well don't i that depends on whether MY central heating is working or not sometimes I sweat profusely and will have a double change of pyjamas save the bed wear getting wet the  kittens have to keep out of my room at night as they tend to think on these  cold and frosty nights  I am their hot hot bottle And tend to cuddle up on the heat source  bowel and kidney , Sparkle loves her dad not being will  and sneaks in my my bed at all opportune  moments. they are such a comfort Sylvester is my night comfort H does not like being to hot  and just sleeps by my side

Pam brought me some Ice in yesterday it was formed by one of the glass jugs that stayed in the back yard overnight  these were  on their way to the charity shop,, the cat scratcher post is placed for the cats to bird watch over the front garden  I built this restaurant a few months ago after being diagnosed with cancer this is the warmest place in the house looks as if ice is still in the jug,
 Digby at home with grandad
Another burden for Pam restaurant chef

 the medicine chest most of the stuff is for my diabetes will not say what i have for the cancer as it may unneeded visitors
 early morning frost  `i would to get some mr frosty shots  but I am stuck indoors,
 vesty  telling me he needs some sleep.
another frosty night , over past 4 years I have made several blogs  most like some have been  stollen etc but her is a list of all my sites its now 6.30 and its taken a lot of concentration and energy   and i am nowhere near what i want to do so will have a few hours kip .depends on howI feel if I get back online today  my Sister and brother in law is coming all the way from Deganwy so I must put some effort in looking better than what I feel weekend My pall Andrew is coming to visit all the way from Littlehampton picking up  another couple of friends from Cambridge on the way  I have not seen Kath and Vince since I left to live in Egypt 1994 be nice to see them again I am sure its going to be quite a shock for them seeing their once 15stone pall at 9.5 stone.

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  1. Well I was wondering what was going on since it has been a bit since you last posted!!
    Sorry to hear and see that your not doing so good, and hoping and praying that you may be able to post some, but if not can Pam keep me in the know of whats happening??
    Love your kitties and your faithful dog... animals are a good comfort especially when your not well!!
    Have a good visit with friends and family ,and be careful not to ware yourself to a frazzle : )
    Wishing you and Pam a Christmas of love,and joy as we remember Christ who came for our salvation