Sunday, 4 December 2011

new computer

  I had an apple mac for Christmas,  "reason" for 5 months i have been struggling with a new windows 7  switching the thing on was a problem in itself after turning it off several times it would fire up,  I now know what the problem was,  naturally when one buys a new computer  all the stuff from the old one is transferred  some 20.000 photos  that where taken over the past 7 years when i lived in egypt,, lots of word documents  then i loaded photoshop  , microsoft office   and the poor new computer could not handle it,    i know  because  after i took everything off the computer  it worked perfectly well.  My wife is already an apple convert has been for 3 years no point in taking a mac to Egypt  she said, then when i came back off my travels  . i decided to buy the latest  computer  and another mistake.
a few weeks ago   the windows 7  almost did go through the window. then I had an e-mail to say my new mac will be delivered in a few days,  whats this! I asked my wife all excited thinking I had won a prize,
Christmas present, i have not bought you one for 9 years.  OK. thats enough  My new apple is great so easy to use  haven't done any photo downloads on the blog yet as a need  another programme  I loaded some of my photos  I say some  I photo tells you how many photos are on the computer 20987. and there is another 16gig on memory sticks,
 at the moment I can put a photo on any of google or yahoo products i.e.  Facebook,twitter,flikr but not on my own blog or website.

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  1. How nice to get a new computer! Switching is always a pain. I'm still using Windows XP and Google is frustrating me at times because it isn't supporting all the older stuff. I dread trying to upgrade to Windows 7 with an old computer, but will have to do it sooner or later.