Tuesday, 20 December 2011

20th December in Newtown

It will be my first Xmas in Wales for 9years the Last Eight I spent in Luxor Egypt.
The Shaggy ink cap mushrooms are still out the have serviced two nights of frost -5

Mushrooms still growing in the garden
A Lone rook guarding the town's Dolerw park car park
Te path from the police station down towards the river is very slippery  with all the leaves rotting but  to see nature one must walk on natures path its two dark even on a sunny day to take good photos under the canopy of the trees  there are lots of birds  squirrels  and always a few mushrooms growing here.

the river is quite high today   so no usual mirror image photo's

the view from our 3rd floor bedroom the first snow  falls on the Mochdre Hills. 

makes one wonder where bubbles come from in the ice  this is ice from the bird bath

still the odd bug about

A starling eating the remains of an apple.

one of the dozen blue tits  on the feeder

here  you can see the tinder fungi  that looks like a horses hoof  hanging from a branch of the  Willow tree there are several fungi on this one tree,

two forms of lichen on a dead branch.

The dunnock one of 4 in the garden always feeds on the ground takes the spill of the tits on the feeders

another hungry mouth on the feeders.

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