Monday, 19 December 2011

Long-tailed tit,Aegithalos caudatus,

First time I have seen the long-tailed tits 


The Long-tailed Tit is an adorable, small, fluffy pinkish bird.
The shoulders and underparts are pinkish. The head has a white crown with black marks above the eyes and into the nape. They have red eye rings and a very small black bill. The black and white tail is very long, over half the length of the bird and the longest tail of any British bird in proportion to its body. The legs are black-brown.
Juveniles lack pink and have grey-black cheeks.
Long-tailed tits are not really members of the Tit family but of the Aegithalidae family.


They feed mostly on insects and their larvae, and spiders, but also on berries.
Increasingly, Long-tailed Tits are feeding from peanut feeders and suet cake in gardens.
These came in fed for a few minutes and left.

Male Blackbird we have about twelve birds  feeding on the apples and berries in our garden at this time of year,
Usually this grey squirrel is in hibernation at this time of year. but its so mild with only two mornings of frost in the past month. here she has found the corn seeds the tits do not want.

The siamese hates being cold  so cuddles up to the main coon for warmth  and of course has to be groomed first.

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