Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mushrooms and toadstools from 2011

Fuligo septica

Fuligo septica

Friday, 18 November 2011

Shaggy inkcap (Coprinus comatus)

 or lawyers wig fungus


8.30 this morning I was on my way to the station heading for Birmingham  to the apple store in the bullring. may sound a bit strange Apples and bullrings, but all be explained. as I was just about to enter the station some white  caught my eye in the co-op car park.  and it turned out they were Shaggy inkcap mushrooms.
8.30 y bore 'ma roeddwn i ar fy ffordd i'r orsaf pennawd ar gyfer Birmingham i'r siop afal yn y bullring. Gall swnio braidd yn rhyfedd Afalau a bullrings, ond mae pob un yn cael ei egluro. gan fy mod yn unig oedd ar fin mynd i mewn i'r orsaf dal rhai gwyn fy llygaid yn y maes parcio cyd-op. ac mae'n troi allan eu bod yn madarch inkcap garw.

17/11/2011  and the mushrooms are still growing these are all todays photos. 

 17/11/2011 a'r madarch yn dal i dyfu mae'r rhain yn lluniau  heddiw.


season from July to November 14/11/2011  photos 

photos takedn 9.11.11 these survived the -6 frost

the parasol mushroom (macrolepiota procera) .. y madarch parasol (macrolepiota procera)

Shaggy ink cap (Coprinus comatus) or lawyers wig fungus

Honey fungus (armillaria mellea)  

Clustered toughshank (Collybia confluens)

A lone mushroom. these are one day only seems they grow at night by dusk they turn into a slime.
toadstool under the pine trees.
Even the fungus is not safe from the vandals, ah well at least they will grow again.
as you can see I really did look for the elusive Fly agaric.
Sheathed woodtuft (kuehneromyces mutabilis)
the other six fungi on this dead silver birch are the Birch (riptiporus betulinus )
there is seven fungi on this dead silver birch' photos taken 3/10/11
 The birch has been taken down   all the fungi came off the trunk  in the fall. I managed to get a photo of all the pieces 8.11.11

lots of these fairy villages about this one is just outside my front gate some nice person has put his foot in it.

friday photo.

sunday the village has almost doubled in hight and size

another fairy village by the river

Southern bracket (ganoderma australe)
forming a new   tinder fungus (Fomes formentarius) growth.
strange fungi growing on this willow by the river I think its a very old tinder fungi,
fungi is sprouting up everywhere.hygrophoropsis aurantiaca,
fungi on the trunk of the oak tree
trametes hirsuta
  tinder fungus (Fomes formentarius)
This is a very old Tinder on the same tree

there are5 of this fungi on this willow tree by the river.  tinder fungus (Fomes formentarius)

The last of the Tinder fungi on the willow tree

My thanks go to the land owner  and his grandson Rhys  for giving me permission to roam on the land freely’ this post will be spread over the coming week.
The cattle grid on the lane to Brimmon hill farm. The only reason I went over the grid was I saw some mushrooms and Today I had set my mind on looking and photographing mushrooms hopefully colourful toadstools!
click on the pic  you will see the white spots. one on the first hill and the other bellow the pole.
on leaving the house I shot these puff fungi that had shot up through the drive tarmacadam .
Now I have the book I may as well go look for some fungi.

this big one is edible and there was lots of them in the field not all like this some flat ones small button type there was also a few poisenous fungi.

One hedge hill .
some had already been picked at,, I wonder what kind of bug eats poison fungi.

hard to id this fungi
another mushroom this what i was looking for so you may as well see the ones i did shoot, and looking at the mushroom its a damn good shot not excactly centre but, just kidding! its been eaten by a very articulate bug .
a puff ball the one next to it was ripe and it let out this dark coloured powder.
the ripe puff ball
Pair of toadstools
Pair of puff fungi

A fairy village is a clustered fairy settlement or community, larger than a hamlet with the population ranging from tens to a few hundred and we have a few villages here in Newtown.
just across the road to the village I saw the butler who was quite amused watching me taking photos of the village,

and this must be a hamlet

this fairy village is just outside our front gate

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