Thursday, 19 January 2012

Newtown Powys ,

Why do I say NEWTOWN ,POWYS !  simple really  there are a dozen or so Newtown's dotted around the UK, and my home town is in one of the thirteen counties of Wales,  the County of Powys 

A  brief history on Newtown  link, and instead of putting the whole of my blog on here  the link is   http://newtownpowys.wordpress /.com
In the centre of town is the Cross building or as most people know it as Barclays bank building"]the first what one might say catalogue store is here in Newtown built in 1860"]the weather vane on the gable of the second pryce jones building, it was built 30 years after the main building."]Newtown also has the tallest house chimney stack in the uk"

1 Town Council and Robert Owen Museum 19 Railway Station
2 Market Hall 20 Agricultural House
3 County Council Offices 21 Nightclub & Cinema
4 Oriel Davies Gallery 22 Rectory
5 Castle Mound 23 Ladywell House
6 Clinic 24 Smithfield
7 Coach & Bus Station 25 Pryce Jones Stores & Museum
8 Primary School 26 Cenotaph & Gardens
9 Library 27 The Monty Club
10 Nursery School 28 Hospital
11 Police Station 29 Chapel
12 Football Ground 30 Bowling Club
13 Newtown High School 31 Masonic Hall
14 Surgery 32 Textile Museum
15 Ladywell Shopping Centre 33 Bear Lanes Shopping Centre
16 College Annex 34 Leisure Centre
17 Church 35 Newtown Rugby Club
18 Community Centre

part of Newtown where I live from the top of Dolfor Hill."]

The Tegenaria Duellica, one of the family of cobweb spiders"]


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  1. Love seeing the area where you are from Tony! Not the spiders though..Ha!