Sunday, 8 January 2012

squirrel sunday

as soon as it  saw me it was off up the tree with its acorn,

this one started to come down the tree then it saw me and disappeared

I managed to get quite close to this one and had a few good shots of him..   no cutting these are the actual photos.

Even though  its mid winter its so mild the squirrels are about, and lots of them today in the Newtown county council office area gardens,


  1. Your squirrels are good and fat! Great photos you got of them Tony. The squirrels don't hibernate here. They are out in the coldest weather and even dig tunnels through the snow to get to where there is food. I keep them happy..Ha! For some reason I couldn't follow your blogs before. Now I can so will know when you post. Nice to hear from you.

  2. Very cute! I've just about given up on doing a Squirrel Sunday squirrels are so boring any more and they never do anything worth taking a photo of. Maybe I feed them too well! The one I used to call "The Star" was so much more photogenic :-)