Sunday, 1 January 2012

rainy weather

Not been out of late due to the rainy weather   its also not a good time of year for wildlife photography, Light Etc,
so I am going through my Pre digital  photos   from Iraq, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Israel the places where I worked volunteering  building orphanages  Etc, already I have done a few posts from my archive photos 2005 to date  they are on 
also there are lots of my photos on the following blogs,

the nile life blogs are of life in Egypt where I lived for 8 years. until Egypt became Islamic and a dangerous place for Christians to live.
 If you cannot get on some blogs thats because the egyptian authorities have taken them down.  Ie blogs on the riots in feb 2011. and the corrupt judicial system  in Egypt.
 A new post has been set up from wales where the Corrupt Regime cannot take them down  wild life  around Wales
the nilelife blogs are /1/2/3/ 4 and 5  Click on the photos to enlarge

My web site is    and has 9 pages on Egypt's tombs temples Etc

my  blog that exposes some of the cons /scams in Egypt

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