Sunday, 22 January 2012

past life

Gethin Farm when we bought the property in 1986.

It took two years  to renovate  Gethin  working all hours while still doing contract work ' Just as the work was nearing completion my back gave in, I had 3 slipped discs  and that put paid to my working as a stone mason builder, to cut a long story short  we sold the farm  and bought the house we now live in  
The front view after renovation

Rear view of the property

Rear view after renovation,

Back to 1989  when we had the farm and Rare breed pigs  these were Oxford and Sandy  at one time there was only 17 breeding pairs,
Our first O andS Sow dolly  she loved having a good scrub and was a more like a pet dog , 

Dollies first piglet  peggy,she had her first litter of 14 in mid winter . all the rest were sold as in guilt  the boars went for meat,
 all our animals were free range  had complete run of the 13 acres we owned, they even furrowed  in what we called the shelter  this was a home made hut  corrugated sheets on a v shaped wall with the  a log  in the front to keep the straw bedding in place,open front was open facing all they surveyed  
this was 2/3 of dollies first litter the light coloured one in the centre  is Peggy.
 as you can see we never castrated our boars  they were kept for 18 weeks before being culled.

we also had lots of Aylesbury ducks these are the layers  One drake,  all eggs were hatched and chicks  sold as week olds,
We had a lot of different breeds of hens , geese and ducks ,  we also had a lot of problems with badgers and foxes killing the stock, we lost 12 rare breed barnvelders in one night after a badger dug its way into our hen hut, it killed just for the fun of it, never ate one  only the hears and livers, then we get the do gooders saying badgers do not kill.  

This is Miss Mole   she went half blind and totally deaf  as is a trait in border collies, she died of old age at 18,  

Willow our lovely siamese  she also went blind at the age of eleven,

Willow and mole were inseparable  they were brought up together  mole was 2 years old when willow came to live with us as a kitten,
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  1. That's a shame that your back went out. You were doing a great job remodeling that home. I love all your piggies..Ha! Your dog lived quite a long life. I love to see a dog and a cat get along so well. I get sad when I look at my old pet pictures from years ago. I love all your photos and thanks for sharing part of your life. Take care Tony!

  2. It's a shame you had to sell the place after doing all that work. Farming is a lot of work, but it must be satisfying living in harmony with the land and animals. My 2 older cats are beginning to get cataracts on their eyes...can't tell how much they see.