Monday, 23 January 2012

Bird rescue

Sitting at the computer this morning I heard a bang against the front window, a noise I hear all to often in the summer when the young blackbirds hit the window usually knocking themselves out most service and fly off after a few minutes, but today it was a female Chaffinch she lay motionless on the paving rather than the cats getting to her I climbed out of the window to see if she was ok even though she looked dead, on picking her up she moved her legs, rather than give it beck to mouth I resuscitated her by stroking with my finger then she flapped her wings , I cradled her in my hands for a minute before putting her in the cat basket on the radiator. then she started to move a bit so lifted her up again to se if she wanted to fly off seemed quite happy where she was perched on my hand covering from her ordeal. after a few more minutes I put her outside on a wire then she flew off, but not before I took her photo.

Whewn I first picked her up I thought she was dead

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The finches are Such tiny birds

Here she is in the cats cradle on the radiator

Almost recovered but still looks a bit dizzy

Here she is almost ready to fly off again.

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  1. Glad she made it! Finches are so little and sweet!