Friday, 6 January 2012

around my house.

Without the worms and slugs making compost would be hard  work

party time  for the yobs  on the footpath at the back of the house

sunrays over Mochdre hills

lichen on the crab apple tree

It was a gate now its a style

something to look up to

a lonesome pine

a bare sycamore tree.

Mushrooms in the hedgerow.

the gorse is in full bloom
Yesterdays post is on

sun u over our house

blue tits on the feeder

chaffinch in the apple tree

two tits arguing over on apple

the squirrel is here again after the sunflower seeds  i put dawn for the finches

maybe them birds will come to have some apple.

the red robin is coming into flower

some bug has borred a hole in this laurel berry

sylvester in the apple tree

Newton from the water reservoir  on the hill at the back back of our house

The hills above Newton looking towards Llanmerewig

Newtown football field  home to the Robins  with St Davids Church  and pryce jones building  in the background
The Lone oak tree on Llanmerewig hill

Brimmon  hill,,, in the centre of the photo is  where the proposed new by-pass for Newtown will be 

The Gate to nowhere,

Fungi in a dead elderberry tree

Early catkins 
Jelly fungus on a rotting branch

Crab apples 

The yobs pub  pre 1972  before the council made a path between the council estates this area was the orchard for our house

The monkey puzzle tree  next door,
Vesty loves the great outdoors sitting in his favourite place on the apple tree

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