Sunday, 15 January 2012

A frosty Saturday walk

I was feeling much better today  best I have felt in a long while going out in the cold is no problem its the rain and damp weather that gets to my old bones, my blood levels are getting back to some kind of normality    about time too , its almost 6 months since I was diagnosed with diabetes,   thank goodness its two  and not one I have to cope with. Just have to remember to stay off any kind of sugar and take the pills. my eyesight is getting  back to normal   I am now taking 2 photo  shots instead of twenty-two, I have also been given digital hearing aids so I can now hear the birds rather than using my eyesight only for getting a photo. the first bird I saw and heard today was the bullfinch  it was on the ground foraging under the hedgerow  too dark to get a good shot  ,then it flew high up in the trees then it was a case of moving so I was with my back against the sun  not that there was any coming through the mist just a glare.

Quite a few robins about today about a dozen sightings this one wanted to be in the frame  when I was on the river bank taking shots of the frosted plants it flew in at first to close for a shot as I had the 100x400 zoom lens on, so I had to take a few paces back  as the lens will only focus at 6ft +. but then thats nature if I had a normal lens on the bird would not come within 50yards never mind 50 inches.You can see my frozen plants and things on
sun at midday,

Starlings in the trees

by the time I got to the river the mist had started to lift a little.
Blackbird under the cover of the trees having a good old scratch in the dead oak leaves looking for fallen acorn and  thorn berries,
Mallards in full breeding plumage  she will not sit now until the end of March.

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