Thursday, 5 January 2012

its been raining again

A week before the rains 29th 12. 11
St Mary's church from the Bridge 3.1.12

5.1.12  the heavy rain has ceased and the river has gone down about a3 ft in 2 days.

to much about today  just a few squirrels hunting for food

enlarge the photo to see the daffodils shooting up just above the squirrel in the grass
now the river is down a bit it is very torrent as it hits the submerged  rocks  that are visible when the river is low.

the stream coming down from the bryn 

another photographer taking advantage of the break in the weather.

still mushrooms and fungi about

fungi and moss growing on the flood barrier embankment wall near the severn long bridge

Lot of flowers  coming out in the park area like these snowdrops  on the river bank in a week they will be in flowers .

A rook on  the clock tower   Cross buildings  the building itself is looking very shabby with all the plants growing in the brick and stonework.

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