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this and that ,Egypt Aug 2010

all these photos are genuine.
Bought by the bucket phul to keep away the stench of the garbage that hangs around the streets. also with the rubbish here the dogs and cats and rats will have a good meal tonight' 
some will be taken out of the city to the outskirts and dumped in the nearest canal. so more of egypts wildlife will be fed


So tired; this spice seller has fallen to sleep while filling a bag of spice up, 

lots of bones around now its Ramadan and all have meat with the breakfast.Ie,

 after sunsetramadan street bunting

This that and a few donkeys

Both horse and donkey here are under fed,

Lots of this and that in Luxor not many take any interest in this and that neither do they take any interest in the donkey,
unless its to abuse, some donkeys are treated fairly well ; the farmers treat there little workhorse with pride others pride themselves in how strong there animal is;
look how much it can pull; others take more pride in the cart the donkey pulls , spend more on the carts upkeep and appearance than food for the donkey that has to pull it,

some boys just like to ride up the wrong side

this street has just had new pavement not to walk on but to show the locals that a new road is being put in and no more can they trade on the street the cops or on their way confiscating any food stuffs off the pavement'
the cops lorry is approaching, while normal trading,
this sequence of shots shows how quick they can close shop. the shop has its shutters open

all cleared and the shutters are down. hooray we fooled em.
the shadow shows its midday

things that gets noticed

Well well;this one does not have any underwear, and he got noticed. a few more tourists got a snap shot he was in the main street market area even cops walking past. wonder if he had been mimiking Alexander the great, he stands proudly with his phalus erect on the wall of luxor temple.

strange how one notices a deserted street,

and signes that are not noticed even though I walk this street every day,
and I get hassled. in future will point to the sign,

freebees, not really just that everybody sells this kind of rubbish its quite safe beeing left out in the street. the guy most likely had a sale, got himself stoned and forgot to close shop. could be the guy with his knob hanging out.

The lone ranger. or is it silver, hi ho. just delivered its lemons.

yep its still ramadan bunting is everywhere,

how much off this dress. depends how short you want it I suppose. 60% will get to show yer arse when bending down.

Me and my camera what next,

Give us our daily bread,

This little donkey must have a hard job pulling this cart the bock wheels hub bearings have broken up so the wheel is running on the axle. and leaning on the cart this will act like a brake on all the time, made even harder when it is loaded with half a ton of bagged lemons,

while in the market i took this photo and wondered if the hard working donkey also had the lemons on its cart this day.

lmost every street in luxor has a government subsidized bread shop each piece is 5 piastres,
there is one hundred piastre's in one pound ( LE) so for one pound they can have twenty pieces, they buy so much of it half I reckon is thrown away or kept to feed the chickens and the rats,

nice fresh Filia bread tomorrow it will be like a rock,

This is the only horse and cart allowed into the market street, delivering the flour,

Its the lock up good job the crisp boxes have been invented, or it would be open house,
fair play The owner sells the produce mainly mineral water at Egyptian price, that's 2.50 le
per 1.5 litre bottle, most outlets sell to the tourist anything up to 12le.

the shop is situated direct across the street from the entrance of Luxor Temple,
also has its own tourist attraction. notice the woman in the doorway, one euro photo one dolla.
its market day again and that's where I am heading, its a month since my last visit so maybe there will be some new seasonal fruit and veg in.

It was nice to see the council had tarmacadam the area around the old house,
also good to know this lovely building won the case over the demolition, not many have

lots of fish on the market all are caught by the local fishermen ,
This is the fish the kingfishers and herons catch,

then we have the spices to go with the bread and fish.
= chicken food

onions, garlic and okra,

The Buffalo cheese is a local delicacy and eaten with the bread 

next blog is on my walk back from the market, almost got run over by a locomotive.

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