Tuesday, 3 January 2012

3rd January 2012

Not a day to go out  but needs must as I had to go to the doctors surgery to renew subscription form for my  medication tablets, I set off  at 11.30 with Quite a blue sky  even though there was a lot of  sleet & rain earlier, I had to take 3 library books back  so that was my first port of call  no charge even though the books were 3 days overdue, but as the young lady said  the library was closed  Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  had a chat with the librarian when I left a few minutes latter it was hailing again, well it is January one would not think so ,

just outside the library there was a cherry tree in full pink blossom. notice the sky  as it starts to cloud over

The surgery is not far from the Library on park rd, so stayed in the shelter of the foyer until the shower passed. May as well go to get some banana,s  seeing I am in town anyway and  I had taken the last one in the house before I came out much to Pam's annoyance,

Tuesday is market day in Newtown usually there're lots of stalls but it was so cold  wet and miserable only two stalls had opened, the usual fruit and veg  stall and a warm clothing stall

By the time I reached the veg stall   near the severn bridge as I was on my way home along the river, the weather had really closed in  and it was real heavy rain and sleet

The river was almost up to the footpath and I have not seen it this high since I came home 5 months ago.

During the past few hours the river had already been on the path as we can see with the flotsam on the path.

St Mary's church from the Bridge

Long bridge and the path is my walk home

A wet Dolerw bridge sorry about the rain on the lens but it was raining quite heavy

The high rolling river severn under Dolerw suspension bridge
And a shot from the dolerw bridge

Another cherry tree in blossom this one is in the park

Dolfor stream as it enters the Severn

Dolfor stream and muddy path looking towards the river

Lots of Robins about  

The copse behind my house in the winter we can see the rails of the water reservoir
the hot pepper plant is still  alive  Just About.

this is my granddaughters dog who came to visit us for the new year

A water  drain outlet in the flood barrier wall

the robin  usually the wrens are in this area  but the river is high  so they will have moved to their winter home most likely in the park

A magpie in the conifer tree

Its so mild there are still mushrooms about.

The path just outside my house as I was leaving makes a nice reflection of the bare tree

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