Friday, 7 September 2012

Chester zoo birds

For me the highlight of our visit to Chester zoo was the  aviary with all its exotic birds,  The owls a particular favourite It was not an easy task getting decent shots with all the wire enclosures. but I saw them and that was the main point of going to the zoo.  Pam saw her favorites the big cats. we will be going back in a few weeks  as yesterday I got so tired even though I had the wheel chair I will hire an electric one so Pam does not also get tired  having to push me.
 but this chap got my attention always did love the orangutan,
This is Puluh the sumatran orangutan,Sumatran Orangutans | Chester Zoo Orangutans | Chester Zoo UK

 Robin there are a few in the zoo grounds
 As with the water rail.

 A special feeder the zoo too must have problems with the starlings stealing all the food.

 Pink flamingo/

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