Wednesday, 12 September 2012

House spider

The house spider.

This time of year in the uk the house spiders come in usually one will find them  in the bath . if you are  Arachnaphobic just leave o towel or a piece if cloth over the edge of the bath so it has something to grip to get out ,

A young sparkle
There's a wave of fear sweeping through the UK right now.  It happened last autumn, and it'll most likely happen next autumn too.  Spine-chilling screams can be heard from bathrooms and lounges up and down the land.  one way to subside your fear of them is to get a kitten our Sparkle  loves to play with them for a while before she eats them,  while you are asleep the cat will hear the slightest movement just like we would hear someone walking on a boarded floor with hobnail boots on. 

This particular house spider most like spent its summer months in one of our out-sheds here it had covered areas near the windows with cob webs where it had caught flies sheltering from the bad weather  even the odd butterfly and bumblebee got caught in its web. but today we happened to catch Sparkle in the middle of her game of gotcha, so in order to get a photo of the house spider I had to trap the victim in the nearest container  in order to get a decent macro shot. much to the kittens disapproval.

If we had no wildlife we would have no life period! we may not like it bit its life

We share our homes with other animals whether we like it or not. In fact our homes and buildings are as valid habitats as grassland or forest, with their own particular flora and fauna, insects and spiders included.
Scurrying around your house there may be several species of spider including:

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  1. Hi...Now I don't like spider in my bathtub...and they have been coming in...I do not like spiders at all, although I do know the value of there existence!! They still give me the creepy,
    crawlies !! yikes!! : }
    I have had a chance to look back at some of your sorry I haven't been by!! Your have had some very interesting things on your the picture of the life boat with the Cormorants on it!!
    Thanks for the comment you left on my
    post : }}!!