Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunset over Menai straights

Penrhyn Quarry.

Photo taken from Caernarfon Castle quayside

 The water level to the base of the twenty working face galleries has risen
today the new galleries atop the quarry at Mynydd llandegai the waste is being used to fill in the the quarry the quarry was started by the Pennant family in 1780 history on here,
 This is Sebastapol the water balance incline it was used to haul slate from the lower galleries

 one of the bogeys used in the slate Quarry these bogeys had the welsh cob to haul them about on the galleries late on they had steam trains to haul the bogeys from sebastapol  to the cutting sheds  then diesel engines  until the mid 21 century when ramps where made from one gallery to the next and dumper trucks like today are used to haul the slate thus making sebastopol workings unnecessary to haul slate,, but most like had a use to lower working quarrymen to working lower levels,
 looking down the sebastapol shaft.
 I can also remember A pulley that was used to Haul slate from one side of the quarry across to the  other with single bogey  all the working cutting sheds are on the  south side of what was once the largest working quarry in the world  employing 3000 men Penrhyn Quarry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mr a here was employed by Mc alpine one of the crew of of local craftsmen who built the new office in the office foyer that covered the whole of the first floor we showed the uses of the welsh slate from roofing slate to the billiard table tops.

one of the slate exhibit walls to the front of the office this was once the view point for visitors to see the depth of Quarry in them days there was no water to the base 

Another exhibit of welsh slate craft.

the Quarry from the top of Mynydd Llandegai. slate was in common use as stock fencing,and land deviding fence most of the green mountain land in Mynyd llandegai is crown land . meaning that any one with a cottage  could keep stock on that land even Penrhyn tenants as far down the mountain as Tregarth had use of this land,

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