Saturday, 22 September 2012


Giant atlas mAfter The watching the horse ploughing I went off in search of the  The Magic of Life Butterfly House, Aberystwyth, Wales   all I can say is WAW.spent a nice two hours with exotic butterflies of the world

plus these moths  live exhibits as entering the butterfly house,  the Indian Moon moth and its caterpillar,

No ID on this one wing span about 6".
 Giant atlas moth about 10" wing span notice the snake head wing tips,
 Before entering the humid butterfly house I had to warm the camera up   lens separate once the camera was warm to the touch  it was ready to use without getting steamed up. and while the big gun was being warmed up I took a few shots of the exhibits in the pay entrance with the pocket camera.
 A tarantella

 Emerald shield mantid Ecuador
Stick insects
 Glasswing  on a bromeliad flower.

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