Monday, 10 September 2012

The summit of Snowdon

Well I managed it,  on the start of the day  the way I felt I thought I would be lucky to get to the cafeteria part of snowdon by train,   once I got to the top I said to myself not far to go to the highest point in Wales and it was clear enough to get some half decent shots of the surrounding area i.e. 360 degrees, within one hour the mountain was shrouded in mist .
 The engines being fired up at 8.30

Nant peris from the last  climb before the summit

 From the summit one could see the rain clouds heading in from Ireland

The herring gulls finding it hard to land , not that any morsels of food stay up on the summit in the wind.
The Crib the path leads from Bethgelert to the summit of Snowdon.
 Looking down at the Cafeteria from the summit

 The first  being the 9.00 train heading back down so I had another half hour on the summit before boarding the descending train
 The passing point 3/4 of the way up  or 1/4 the way down  and the mist was already taking over the summit

this shot taken from the 3/4 point of the water wagon train coming down as we where going up. here we had to wait for the train to pass before we headed for the summit,
 The shepherd working with his dogs  half way up snowdon

the cog that works  the rack and pinion from the engine engine up and down snowdon

The summit from Nant Peris  on the way home. we I believe where the only ones to the summit  on the 9.8.2012 before the wind and the mist shrouded the mountain once again.

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