Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shop online with Tesco

Tesco shopping online

I just wonder if I can buy a welsh black bull from this new supermarket.

 not much chance of even getting a calf in one of these trolleys never mind in the back of my little hire car. so I  will have to chance buying online  hoping the livestock lorry can get up my drive. the law as it stands today is that all livestock has to be carted in appropriate vehicles or stock trailers.
 Hope they don't send us to that cattle market I hear there is no straw in the stalls
don't worry about me I am a little heifer.

this  area where Tesco put up another one of its superstores  on the site of the old Smithfield market . in 2009
BBC NEWS | Wales | Mid Wales | Dig unearths Roman road at Tesco

Dig unearthed Roman road 

This they say was over 2000 years old . Newtown Cattle market as a site was only founded in the mid 1800s.   so why didn't tesco call the building the Tesco roman rd store, every little helps.( buy the best of sites never mind what the locals want)

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  1. Hi Again... I have to say that is a lot of bull : }
    ..the one standing in the field that is haha!!
    Your Tesco sound like our Walmart chain of stores! It is all about money care about the community our it's people!! Interesting about the Roman road!!