Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The odd shots

Chirk and Pontcysyllte aqueducts and  Bridges  are on photos from around wales: A bridge too far

 Ambleside fish and chip shop do you think they also have lamb chop and chips. Ambleside is the  village that has the return windermere  lake ferry landing,
 The smog making chipboard factory in Chirk
 this old forecourt pump is still in use  on the canal wharf  Pant pontcysyllte
 not in use this forecourt pump  at the Lakeland motor museum and what a great museum it was. will post on the motor museum in a few days,
Taking on water at  Haverthwaite Station,  guy reminded me of when I lived in Egypt,  insisted on getting in the frame  but unlike the egyptians he did not ask for money too  take his kids photo.
 Thomas the tank engine also gets everywhere
 Looking at this  old oak tree reminds me of myself I was once strong full of energy today I feel dead but refuse to lie down,

 An old lead mine entrance near Tebay
 the big wheel at York shot taken near the main line station as leaving the steam museum.
 Chinaman on a cycling holiday shot taken near the York minster
 Another  1960s moped for sale
 one of the biggest cons of motorway pit stop cafes, 6 chips £1.99 in West cornwall pastry cafe M6 near scotch corner. the pie did not taste too bad  and with half a cup of coffee the bill came to £7.56

 all over our cities and even towns they are putting up spikes to stop the pigeons fouling on the masonry  here under the bridge in york they have adapted to using the spikes for nesting.
 The dinky toy transporter.
 This strange looking bug  decided to catch a lift  must have been tired and did not wish to fly over the lake district
 Just outside of `York I spotted this field of corn and poppies.
Grade 11 listed building the old railway shed water tank here the newly built steam locos would get their first fill of water
 the York town wall walk  One may think this is a strange place for a rail inspection cover plate. but most like the plate was stuck in the sandstone slab   and had a better use as a walk slab than in the builders yard.
 the chimneys of Ditherington hall  near Cockshutt,
 Even in york the squirrels are eating their nuts.
 Ruabon was famous  for its cast iron,  bricks and tiles
 Whitehaven harbour walls and rusty old things that once had a use

Sea air and salt spray does not agree with sandstone.
the pigeon nesting pipe

Looking through the eye of an old anchor chain
The Harbour, Whitehaven, Cumbria, started with the beginning of the Irish coal trade. ...In 1634 Sir Christopher Lowther built a stone jetty, now known as the Old Quay. ... TheCandlestick Chimney is the only surviving part of a colliery engine

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  1. I enjoyed these photos very much Tony! No matter how they try to get rid of the birds they will always find a way..Ha! Have a good day! Take care.