Friday, 14 September 2012

Lake Vyrnwy.

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 The straining tower at lake Vyrnwy
 An old iron oil drum as a marker buoy that the cormorants use as a fishing diving board
and a dilapidated boathouse out of view behind a bridge.

 Lake Vyrnwy Dam another Victorian masterpiece

 one of 4 bridges around the dam
 Ever get that feeling of being watched .

 one of the many waterways that fill the lake.
 colourful lichen on the dam wall
Liverpool had a water source and what did they do with this pure water? make gin.

 bench mark on one of vyrnwy's bridges, but no indication of sea level

the falls that go to the lake near Gydfa
 Y Gydfa old farm

 seems only the sheds are now in use for shearing,
only stones and the stream remain of another old farm at Gydfa

 spectacular views  from Dinas Mawddwy pass as  I came from gydfa pass

 As I got to the top of the mountain  on a lane that says its unsuitable for heavy vehicles there where a number of warning signs, even though I had come over 4 or 5 cattle grids  as I entered into Merionethshire  there was  sign  the reason it was on the top point of a hill unseen until one was almost on it.
 then there was the t junction to Bala  or mawddwy but no sign to say I had come from Lake vyrnwy
As I left the cattle grid another sign to say danger of falling rock as I headed down the pass.
Welsh black heifer and welsh mountain sheep.
Water falls at Mawddwy pass

 the falls at Cwm Cywarch.
This river is the beginning of the  Dufi

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