Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lagonda tourer

Lancaster bomber crew,

Pam wants to go visit Chester zoo tomorrow,  not been there since the kids were little must be at least 40 years ago, she suggested I go with her to take my mind off things. she also suggested we take the wheel chair incase I get tired and if not I can push her around " hmm that will be a first" but first I had to take her to Newtown make sure we have enough food in for Dad save our son thinking we do not feed his granddad while he spends the day looking after him. Dad or my father in law was a navigator on the lancaster bombers did 35 ops before being shot the plane was brought home but crash landed near the airfield  and dad was the only survivor  he  spent the remainder of the war in hospital.

While Pam was  shopping I did a bit of a stroll up the High street and as usual there is always something to snap like this  1931  LAGONDA TOURER AS SEEN IN NEWTOWN,  how much is it? Price depends on condition and is between one hundred and one hundred and fifty thousand pound

Watching Agatha Christies,Poiriot, on tv this is the same model Lagonda  1931.

not much of a price tag on this little smart car but the  little smart guard dog is priceless.
 Know anything about this onion or oil scarcity
must be the karma sutra  restaurant, I wonder if the question arises before hand how many positions they know.
tally ho mr foxy

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