Monday, 17 September 2012

The new kitchen

The Kitchen, 

I was not up to doing anything today  feeling pretty grotty to say the least.most like as the doc says "I am overdoing things" but I did get  Mrs P to take some shots of the new kitchen because  the rubbish bin finally came,   as like lots of other things with this latest project lots of bits missing or its in the post. sometimes I wonder if everything missing is sent by hand,  i.e.  wheelbarrow  then the finale furlong is given to some group with a name like the royal post or parcel delivery systems? and of course like all better halves I was not allowed to take any photos of the finished project until the last piece was in place.  even the new bin at a price of over £250.00  had a fault so we had to stick the lid down with sticky tape from inside before shots were fired. the phone was buzzing  then the answer came they have sent a new top in the post we can keep the broken one  . for what I cannot imagine. 
but thanks to my son  and Pam's perseverance the job is done .( with one piece held on with sticky tape)  notice the bin colour!

Only two pieces were kept from the old kitchen  the pan tidy thats hung from the ceiling
And the old weaved basket holder this I put wheels on to convert as a rolling chopping board this was the only job I did apart from the demolition of the old kitchen  as this is when I was diagnosed with cancer 8 weeks ago.

Then a few more bits to match the tiles,  the three glass pieces have been in our bathroom  since I did did it 20 years ago  and the  new kitchen was made with these in mind
Even Bluebell likes the new kitchen but not the cold floor tiles.

Yesterday I went to the owl centre at Kinton lovely place to spend a few hours or even all day if one is up to it , then on the way home I happened to come across a tractor ploughing match , hence the reason I am so tired today, not that I was pulling a plough but even to walk half way up the competition field got to much of a walk.

On Friday all goes well I will get to see something I have wanted to see for a long time. and visit the ground will be the only thing I will do I may stay overnight in a B&B so I do not get tired.
here 15.9.2012 they are harrowing with a Shire horse at Acton Scott museum  another post I need to catch up on. looking at this photo brings back childhood memories I can remember as a foster child at 7 years old.working with the shires on the farm before we had a proper working tractor the horse would nibble the crown of my head if I did not hold him at arms length while tacking.

This photo was taken at  8.30 before I left,   the blackbird family were making so much noise I first thought the starlings had come back stealing the feed  then I noticed the red patch on one of the birds  It was a rare visitor never seen one before in the front garden  and only witnessed one visit in the back garden last year.           I must try to catch up on showing the last 6 weeks photos

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  1. oooh love the new kitchen - I'd love a kitchen like that even with the sticky tape on the bin!