Thursday, 13 September 2012


The other day I blogged on how good our kitten was on catching flies and spiders. and how it was that time of year on hearing lots of screams from bathrooms etc  well its also that time of year when our pets  such as cats and dogs also get unwanted guests , they do not know about the perils of other bugs such as ticks who will try to devour them by sucking their life line blood.
After my drive about on getting home I went for my afternoon nap  and as usual one of the cats came to sit on my sleeping corpse  while stroking here I felt a lump on her back half asleep after taking my medication I shouted for Pam to make a closer inspection of the lump  usually cats pick up ticks on the neck part of the torso.
After a closer examination of miss Sparkle, I was told to wake up,  pam had the kitten in one hand a teaspoon of mentholated spirits and tweezers in the other  so she wanted me to hold the cat down firmly so she could get the offending freeloader off her back, going to get the cat drunk I asked  no I am hoping to get the tick drunk so it gets its head out of the skin when I pull it with the tweezers. work it did as You can see from the photo the complete tick  with the marks of the tweezers.

after the  anaesthetised tick came around  it was promptly got rid of in the proper manner by squashing it between two thumb nails, then it was time to inspect the rest of the cats for any more free loader bloodsuckers.
4.30. this blog was brought to you cos I cannot sleep as its 24 hours since I took the new steroid tablets  and the effect was wearing off  half an hour on the computer takes my mind off the pain while the drugs work on killing the pains .   a nice cup of tea and as its raining now  its back to bed for a few hours before I decide what to do with the rest of the day , now I have decided to buy a car I can just go off when I want. the decision on buying and not renting was an economic thing I would have liked to get myself a BMW as thats the car I had for the last 12 years of driving before it was sold to go live in Egypt
 but after hearing my granddaughter had got her place in  equine science studies collage Aberystwyth.
 I bought a VW polo automatic , if she does well in her studies we will give her the polo.

 Pam chose the colour  Dad paid half  as we take him every day to see Mum in the  old peoples home , and the insurance is only group 1. making it one of the cheapest cars to insure, the beamers are group15  that would put it out of the question for my granddaughter to drive, its not going to be long before I am either bedridden or gone from this life  something I will know for sure on the 19th  after my flexible sigmoidoscopy. I know thats a bit technical but it means they want to give me an anema clean out my bowels  to put a camera in my colon (bowels) check n the extent of the cancer they already know its in the liver.  and now Saphy has come to sit on my knee telling me its time to switch off and go back to bed,

will tell you later where I went yesterday on my first trial run of the car.

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