Friday, 24 August 2012

Shrewsbury steam rally

Shrewsbury Steam Rally 2012
is on schedule for August 26th and 27th

Today has been a funny ol day mostly showers One of those days being down in the dumps and not looking forward to my day in hospital tomorrow , with this thing in my head do I want to really know how long I have left  to live. If it wasn't for My wife I would not bother going for tests just to tell me the inevitable. any way as I went to town to get a replacement bulb for our new kitchen. I saw not one but two of these 1940 bedfords one was a lorry the other a sharabang. and one I saw A few days ago in A village the other side of Aberystwyth.  I did a uturn to take the photos.
 click here to see last years 50th jubilee rally.Shrewsbury steam rally « Wildlife around Wales

 The Sharabang at home
 The two vehicles passing through Newtown on their way to the steam rally where they will join many other old vehicles

 At last the kitchen is complete and in use.

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