Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The back yard has hundreds of them  much to the kitten Sparkle's amusement.

 we have as I thought before today two types of ants red and black both grow wings at certain times of the year  but todays species in the yard is larger has bands  and is brown, they have flown in on landing they shred the wings then look for a hole in the ground they only land on the tarmac area. not on the brick paved area's

 an ants nest in the park area.

 red ant nest after being disturbed the workers take the eggs under ground, this nest the males have wings and are ready to fly
while blogging I thought nah they are not that big  (the ants that is) so I went on a hunt around the garden  I know we Pam and I are forever  killing the ants in the flowerbeds  Pam just uses boiling water after she makes a cuppa, me I use the powder  did you know that Johnsons talcum powder does the job  as some of you know we are putting in a new kitchen and with it getting rid of stuff we have had for years our youngest is almost 40 so that meant the powder was well past its sell by date.  do not ask how come we put it on the ants, but it does work. its also the same colour as the expensive ant powder so taking a photo of ants after being talcumned is no point. I was thinking of going to the land to the rear of our house with a spade to dig up one of the ant mounds of which there are many. but I found a nest under the paving  to the top garden near the back fence. took a few snaps then lifted one of the paviours.   photos show the black ants.
 some of the winged ants in the nest
 the eggs
 the black ants
the victim,One of the big ants in the lawn this one i put near the black ants nest for comparison in size,
  Here you can see the difference in size,

 looking up the species on the web  it seems that these are queens that fly off to make new colonies

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