Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The scan

NHS,having the scan.

When I lived at  Gethin farm  to come into town I had to pass the hospital on Bryn Lane. twice an year there would be a large unit parked outside that was the MRI scan unit,
 so when I was told that it can take up to nine months to get a scan I was not surprised, today when I got to the hospital nothing only a taxi parked outside I thought  must have the unit in the main car park behind the hospital. My appointment for the scan was 14.40. but due to NHS cock up It had to be brought forward.  I will explain!  last friday they made the urgent appointment for me to have a scan. telling me not to have any food nothing but water  tea etc nothing with dairy products or solid food
 twice I asked about drinking  and twice I was told nothing for 48 hours but water!  last night I took my blood test  that read 4.2  just about on the limit last time I went under 4.0 I went into hypo. and had to call the doc who in turn sent the ambulance medics around to take me to hospital  but on realising Iwas diabetic they told me to take sugar in this case honey after an hours wait the sweating and shaking stopped  and was told you know what to do next time / I took another test when I got up at 10.00 this morning and my blood was 2.8 and I was feeling giddy and really unwell And because I was due for my long awaited scan  I phoned the surgery up to ask what I should do as I was told only to take water. then the questions started  you should not be in hypo after 6 hours without food  then I told them I was without food on orders from the hospital the past 44 hours.  leave it with us  just take a tea with lots of sugar. I think alarm bells started to ring in the surgery  someone had dropped a clanger in not telling the scan unit I was diabetic, next thing the scan unit phoned told me to come straight away for the scan. bring food with you so you can eat after the scan,
 got to the hospital and within five minutes I was having a scan. expecting to go into a pod or the like I was quite surprised when the nurse said lift your shirt up undo your trousers and lay on the bed, she then put some jell on my tummy and started to massage it with some kind of  all I can say is a mouse. as the images went on screen she typed some thing into the computer. the whole thing scanning my bladder guts and liver took about ten minutes . well I asked Am  i pregnant that is what it felt like as one sees the young ladies of today having scans to find out if all is going well with the pregnancy and if they want to now what sex they are having.

 All this info will be sent to the docs and at 11.15 tomorrow I will get the results of months of waiting
the hospital out patience entrance  the area looking like a  sweet shop is the patience appointments office.

 Did not know my wife's name is Why
 the shop is open for animal porn
and another charity shop has opened in town  they now outnumber shops selling foodstuff in the town,

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