Friday, 3 August 2012

Chaffinch and ducklings,

Mallards,Chaffinch,ducklings,peacock butterfly,

Nice surprise on the river today The mallard hen with six ducklings,

at first I thought she only had one,
 Then she decided to join the main flush of Mallards across the river

The main flush had about 50 adults,, the term for ducks is a flush of ducks. two of,  male and female is a brace.

then when I got home I fed the birds hoping to get some decent shots of them feeding and as always no disappointment. the male Chaffinch brought two of its fledgelings  to feed one flew off after it realised it was only getting seeds  can get them myself it must have thought. yesterday the blackbirds fed their young on the seat. see Photos from the life of a Welshman: Blackbird .Turdus merula ,,Update 1/8/2012

 These black caterpillars  taken on a nettle  will turn into the beautiful peacock butterfly.

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  1. Hard to resist an adorable family of ducklings..they are precious! : ]
    The Male Chaffinch is a real beauty...fussy babies about there food though!! : }}
    PS thanks for the comment on my post today!!