Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dragons and damsels and plants along the Severn in Newtown

THE GOOD LIFE. La bella vita,

  I felt the need to go for a walk today but only got as far as St Mary's church and back at least it was dry but the wind kept most of the wildlife out of view  I did get some fleeting glances of 4 dragonflies but no picks, behind the severn flood wall  near St Mary.s church it was sheltered and I saw a few damsels with the sparrows feeding on the Upright hedge parsley seeds , not much of the hogweed survived the floods last month pity I cannot say the same for the rest of the severn's banks. there was flushes of water mint Forget -me-nots and sad to say swathes of the Himalayan balsam  its a pity the flowers look so pretty one of the reasons it was introduced to this country.

three colours of the balsam  some of the plants are over six foot high.
 water forget-me not
 Red campion
 hedge woundwort
 sparrows feeding on the Upright hedge parsley
 Tufted vetch
Water mint
 Rosebay Willowherb
Great willow herb
Gatekeeper on the creeping buttercup.
 Sago pond weed in flower
Only five ducklings left  here they are feeding in the pondweed
the mallards get a time to nap on the pondweed.

 The gatekeeper with wings open and closed

Not seen the otters as yet  but they are here as These are   Otter droppings. much better than taking shots of all the dog poo that  shrouds our river walks.
 A sign  nailed to the old garage on gas street,  , I used a vibro plate to compound  the fill under pavers, it mentions fish pedicures  so I went to find some fish   but could only find ones with fins  could not see any nails  or feet on the limbs. I also used a nail bar other wise known as a jimmy. so if you need to beauty any of your nails and tools this is the plaice.THE GOOD LIFE
 minnows in the severn
 The Cinnibar moth caterpillar.
 A group of Lords and Ladies.  in seed.
 Dolfor stream as it enters the severn.
 once there was a buoy on here , now its being eaten by a tree
 A spear thistle seed dancing on the river severn.
 Play time on the river. capturing the splashes made by stones  one was  a flat stone the other round both the same size .

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  1. Hi...So glad you included the Otter : }!!
    Love,love,love, your wildflowers and all there butterfly and insect friends!!
    Hope the rest of the Mallard family make it!!