Tuesday, 7 August 2012

who likes cherries

Another day of not so good weather I was hoping to go for a bike ride along the canal but will have to settle for another day. so it was another walk to the surgery to get the results on my blood  but no luck there either  my doctor is off until Thursday so I am confined to barracks. I was hoping to go to the lakes for a few days (windermere) as there is a trip leaving tomorrow, but will have to find my own way there by  train. all in the pipeline as they say , good job I do not book or I would loose the money.
 and the reason I do not book trips is because I do not know what I am going to feel like on the day.
 never mind at least I am alive.
 Meadow brown on the Budlija
 First of this years blackberries

The Dunnock  opposite the surgery.
 On the way home from the docs I went to get some cherries one of my favourite fruits saying that all the fruit is my favourite it just happens they are in the shops this time of year , so I thought I would pop to the Tuesday street market. I know how much a 1/2 kilo is as I get some each  time i go to town . but today before I got the cherries I worked out my sums  1/2 kilo for £4 thats expensive I thought so I went to the local fruit and veg shop on the corner near  the lion cafe , Here I always take a bag and put what I think is 1/2 kilo in take to the counter to get weighed usually without asking the weight and pay. today I asked and it was just under 1/2 kilo £1.90. thats £2 per pound cheaper than the street market, I know the super markets are a rip off but do not expect it from a market thats been trading here in the town for as long as I can remember.

 The leak is still here on the high street 10 days now wonder if the water board guys are on holidays or just watching the olympics
 No not the oldest house in Newtown  just needs a lick of paint the oldest building is the black boy situated next door and that is pre 1600.
 There is a carving in the yard of the black boy

Anyone for some cold water.
 walking through the park the barn swallows where swooping down after the flies lifting in my wake.
 Its cherry time,, not thinking I threw an over ripe cherry to the ground and a young squirrel promptly swooped it up, posing with it for me to take a close up shot before scampering up the oak tree.

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  1. My goodness, I can't keep up with all your
    posts...: }
    Today has been a busy one for me...so I choose this one to read, because the word cherries was there!!
    I like cherries... have some in the frig and they need to be eaten!! I bought more than I should have....if you weren't so far away I would have given you them : }!
    I payed $1.99 a pound for them...don't know what that is in your monies!!
    Cute the squirrel with the cherry...made him happy!!
    Those blackberries look good too!!
    Best wishes on that blood work and issues!