Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cat and Mouse

I think theres a mouse under the fridge.

and yes there was a mouse under the fridge most like died of fright.  as there isn't a mark on it
And this is our mouser  Saphy is a tonkinese spends most of her time in the garden looking for frogs or Mice after a few games with them she brings them in  if its day time she lets the other cats play with her toys usually the toy escapes and ends up in the kitchen hiding under the fridge  most times it will end up in the humane mouse trap and get a second chance to play with the cats.  if she catches anything at night it usually ends up under my bed,  once Saphy has had enough play she gets into bed and goes to sleep between my legs under the covers,  looking at her claws you would think she tears her toys to bits.
 not often does Saphy kill  she knows dead toys do not have any play value,

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