Monday, 6 August 2012

Menai bridge

Sir Fon ,Anglesey,Menai suspension bridge, Thomas Telford,1826

 Rather exhilarating walking across the bridge looking down at the swirling Menai straights
Wonder what Mr Telford would think if he saw all the rust taking hold on his masterpiece?
 this is the view towards Caernarvon and the Britannia bridge. type in the name find out about the fire in the railway tunnel and why it now has the main a55 road going across.

 Looking down into the straights and the place where Hms Conwy  came to its end  here it came to ground and was burnt where it was. we saw the ship when I was 10 before it got burnt

H.M.S.Conway  -  Almost underneath the the Menai - Suspension Bridge on "the Platters" on which she broke her back while being towed through the Menai Straits on passage to the Mersey for overhaul in 1953.
the road under the bridge to  St Tysilio's Church,
Llandudno, Conway  and the coast from Beamaris

 Looking towards Menai bridge and bangor from Beaumaris pier
The pier at Beaumaris has been rebuilt   they were putting the finishing touches when I was there in june 2012   never did get the date working on the panasonic pocket camera.
Trwyn du (black nose)  Lighthouse Penmon head  built in 1938 view from Puffin island cruise boat.
ooh what a big buoy this also  floats near puffin Island

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