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Good news with a question mark

Gethin farm after It was renovated.

Just thought I would cheer you up before I go on my rant about the NHS,and for those of you who do not know what that is its the national health service, was founded five years after I was born in 1943. by Aneurin Bevan.  
 Something my wife cannot say now.

" I only make you fat so you can sizzle in hell


something we workers have paid for all our working lives  but do we know what its all about. I am not going into the  unknown and ask questions like how is it that foreigners come here and get without asking! but as a foreigner in another land we get nothing, sorry!  just good advice like fuck off back to your own country,
 I will start my story back in 1990 up until then apart from the odd broken bone or stitches I needed I never saw my doctor .of course as a family, my wife and 4 kids we had a doctor  and of course I was always registered with the family doctor, but as I said the only time I saw a doctor was in a hospital. my blood was checked twice an year as I was a blood donor ,have the 25 year badge,so I had no worries in that department, could not give blood if I had a cold or been to any countries outside the eu ,then it was 7 countries,
 I had a vasectomy back in the 70s  because Pam was getting ill with what was known as the pill.
even with  that opp I was working on the building of our first bought home  the same evening.

                                                                         Back to 1990
 We at the time had been renovating gethin farm  when I was diagnosed with 3 slipped discs . Read the rest of the gethin Farm story link its at the base of this page.

 not so long after buying this supposedly our last house I was starting to get rheumatoid arthritis  in my back, my joints were getting painful and by 2002 I  was having to use a wheelchair I had a disabled badge for the car so I could get close enough to shops etc most winters during the winter months I would go off volunteering to warmer climates just to ease the pain, I had been volunteering in Kenyea  built an orphanage in Mumbuni near Muchakos, built an orphanage in Tangalle Sri lanka. worked on the TB clinic at Raz-en-nagab high above the Aqaba desert Jordan from Jordan we went on a Christian conference to Iraq, 3 times I worked on the Baptist village in Petah tikva Israel, this camp was the first one of its kind and built before the state of Israel it originated as a root crop farm with an orchard of orange and lemon trees  today its a baseball camp for the jews whereas the camp itself is summer camp for kids who have lost relations in the ongoing conflict especially from the west bank area. I was here in 2002 when the iraqi war broke out again and all volunteers had to leave Israel  I tried to go to The clinic in Raz-en-nagab. but Herbie informed me it was took cold  as the area was in the middle of a real freeze. he informed me they need a volunteer in the Germaneia hospital in Aswan Egypt   and thats where I went little knowing thats where I was going to spend the next 8 years. once I got to this dry  land  my rheumatics disappeared   I stayed 6 months  and refurbished a clinic In Daraw A village 45 kilometres from Aswan .  It was on a holiday with my wife the following winter  that we decided this is where I should be living  . Pam saw the deference in the way I was without arthritis. soon after we decided to go live in Egypt My mum in law had a stroke. they at the time were living in Old Colwyn north Wales. both were deteriorating rapidly  and the decision was made for them to sell up and move in with us  I made the stables into a granny flat thats now part of the house.  during this time of of putting My inlays first. I was also getting worse most of the time I was in bed we had turned the front living room into my bedroom because I could not manage any stairs I was taking 400 milligram pills for my back pains and others for my arthritis. so I decided To go live in Egypt best to be pain free than live in this human climate in constant pain . after  eight years  and living through the revolution .the place became very islamic and quite unsafe for me to go rambling about doing my wildlife bit. I also was getting quite ill and decided that it was time for me to leave, get medical help etc.  but since being home with one problem leading to another. the doctors here have quite forgot about the complaints I had 8 years ago, no one has thought about an X-ray to see how my back is. the last one I was told to stop taking calcium pills as my back bones where growing over the discs. and maybe this next week I will get to discuss this with the doctor I had before I went abroad ,DR Mcvae,  Mum and dad  are still with us   in spirit anyway. mum has gone totally do lally and was taken to hospital  thats 3 months ago. here on the authority of the  health care wise guys they have decided to put here in care as it takes 3 people to look after her, the place where she is going Bethshan not 200 yards from our house costs £750 per week and seeing mum has over 25 thousand pounds they will take the rest of the money to pay for her care, no thought about Dad.  who is also getting into quite a state always asking where is Mum he is almost blind  he came into  the living room two nights ago  wanting to see his son Robert he had a dream Pam was dead and Robert was here to see to her funeral,  can you imagine how scary that was, but Dad does not remember things and will ask the same question over and over again.  but one has to remember both are in their nineties, they were in the forces during the war. Dad was on only survivor from a lancaster bomber crash. he was the navigator on 38 missions before being downed and spent the remaining war years in hospital. even with his back problems he worked until his retirement. granted he gets a war pension. but now they even want to take that from him.
August 2nd 2012 'I wrote on blood tests 
,,I had to go take my 2 monthly blood tests today, nil past the lips  for 12 hours  it is also the time to give a urine sample. so if I passed water that I usually  do on getting up it meant no sample in the surgery. and by the time I held on until 9.20 I was almost bursting. never mind its all done for another 2 months  I have to go see the doc to get the results in 4 days. And I hope after all the pills and food trials its better than the last results. not that near death comes into the equation with todays NHS. last time they made an appointment for me to get a kidney and liver  scan. they the whoever do not inform us of our date of scan until at least 17weeks. and that can mean another 17weeks wait until the scan??
 just like when I came home after 8 years in Egypt  I went to see the doctor about the groin pain(hernia). prior to seeing the surgeon I thought the pain was from my vasectomy as that is when it started  I am not the kind who goes running off to the docs unless its something serious,
 this as it happened to be was very painful sometimes if it popped and I would have to hold the groin and try pushing it back in. can you imagine this old guy standing in the high street holding his groin and sweating profusely. anyway The doc said I had an appointment to see a specialist in 12 months then you may get a bed in another 12 months, So I made an appointment with the nuffield hospital Shrewsbury(private hospital)   this was a Friday I was booked in for the following Friday and had to go in on the thursday for pre opp tests. this is when my whole world was turned upside down.
I knew there was something more than the hernia problem  as I was constantly tired, giddy my eyes where getting blurred and constant headaches. feeling sick on the thought of food.I lost 4stones in six months,one would think the doctor would have picked this up  as these where the symptoms I had and the reason I  left Egypt, to see a proper doctor.
 The reason I say proper is,,all the doctors in Egypt see a foreigner as money even the hospitals.
 I went to a doctor In Luxor who happened to be my landlords cousin  and I thought Its ok  as they were Coptic Christians, I should have realised with a name like Dr Hassan the quack was a Muslim.   he diagnosed me with Histaminosis  a disease carried by pigeons . because he knew being a not so for away neighbour we had pigeons on the roof ( as do most egyptians)
He also prescribed medicine for its cure at £15 per week. the pharmacist strangely enough was the quacks brother in law and he too had a shop a few doors down directly opposite the Luxor temple entrance. why was my medication so expensive I asked. and just like all the liars in the arab world they have an answer to everything,  its called taqiyya.
 we have to send away to India for such things was the answer.  and of course It must have been cos I was white infidel  that the pills did not work!
 IT took 3 weeks of strict diet and some awful pills to get my blood levels down from 15 to 4.5. and I had the operation . My son took me to the nuffield  at 7.30 I had the op at 9.00 and was back home at 17.30,   what my quibble is. I have  worked since I was 14 took an apprenticeship at 15 where I received a pittance of a wage and had to take evening and weekend jobs  after I got married at 18 years of age. paid all my dues tax  insurance health stamps and whatever else the government decreed fit to take from us.  only told after I retired and at the age of 68 if I need to feel better I have to go private  this opp cost £2.500.00. twelve months on ok I have no pain in my groin,  but I sure do feel awful some days. as if the pain moved to my head,
 midnight 10/11. 8.2012
And to bring you up to date  like 12 hours ago.
 Feeling quite ill I phoned the doctor up for my blood test results  I was not too bothered about them as I thought if there was something wrong the Dr would surely get in contact,  "WRONG"
 as with all places now one is given a lot of tel no to contact or stay on the line and someone will be with you as soon as,, then a message  I was next in the queue.  then I was informed the doc will phone me up later in the day. great"and hung up.  within Half an hour I had a call from Newtown hospital asking if I could take an open appointment from a cancelation at 14.40 next tuesday,48 hours  before the scan I can only drink water, of course i said yes.  as  earlier in the month I was told it can take up to 17 weeks and even that much longer to have the scan.
oh great was my initial reaction until the doc phoned me up at 18 45.  she waffled on about how am I feeling how is my weight any pains etc, in the end I had to ask how are my blood results.  not very good ,  oh in what way well  not as good as the previous one, then she said  I will not be here next week but we need to see you after you have had your scan,    now ????????? in my head, how did she know I was having an early scan I only found out a few hours ago,  and why did she ask all those questions ? why not tell me straight away  my test results, that  is  the reason she was ringing me up for.

 do these people think we are that simple that things like this do not worry us.
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