Wednesday, 15 August 2012


After seeing the doctor I know find out I have cancer of the liver, and an urgent appointment will be made for me to get a biopsy in the shrewsbury hospital ,this will involve either a needle into the liver or a camera put down my throat. any way  nowt I can do about it so I will take it as it comes. tomorrow I am off to Skomer Island spend some time in the wild  maybe a puffin or two will let me take o photo of them,

  Its not all doom and gloom here in the Roberts household. Mum who is 94 was put in hospital almost 4 months ago   click here to read
Photos from the life of a Welshman: Good news with a question mark
  and yesterday we took dad on his weekly visit to see mum . we then went off for a walk around `Machynlleth, when we went back to pick Dad up he had got undressed and  was in the hospital bed and mum was fast asleep in the chair,   when we  woke dad up all he said was are we going home now.
 they really have lost it now,Dad does not know where his is  he still thinks I am in Egypt  even though I see him every day  and every day he asks,  where is Mum.


  1. Wow..I am so sorry to hear,of your bad news about your day at a time, and Gods help, what else can you do !!
    Have a special time at Skomer Island !!

  2. so sorry to hear that news - sounds like you have the best attitude to get through it and I wish you the very best. Enjoy Skomer Island and hope you get those puffin photos you're after, take care, Sharon