Tuesday, 21 August 2012

poppy day

A poppy growing at the horseshoe pub  where I stopped to take some photos of the brithdir Lime kilns

 Hardly anything left of the old kilns   Brithdir Lime Kiln.
the lime kilns available to view at Brithdir. The entrance to the hearth is bricked up but you can see a good example of a kiln entrance.
The kilns are situated behind the "Horseshoes Inn"

The tenants of the public house use the kilns to burn rubbish hence the black  colouring on the stonework.
 the hearth of one of the kilns,
 Next to the kilns there are a few rare breed poultry I would like to have bought some eggs but there was no one about

The chicken run behind the picnic area,
 The lower gate into Powys Castle ,    read up on the castle  built in the 11th century 
 0ne of the many gates leading into the agricultural land of the Estate
 Deer on the gentle slope of the  castle

 Mallards on the lower pool

 I had to get a bit close to get this photo and the stag did not like it, so tomorrow I will take the canon to get some decent shots

 coots and Lillies on one of the estate ponds

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